SequencIO is an engineering puzzle game where the design of the solution is entirely up to you! Inspired by games like factori, ShapezIO & Zachtronics, your goal is to configure a network of array operators that convert a set of initial sequences into target sequences.

Starting with Pop and Join, the most fundamental array-like operations, you must connect together a circuit that satisfies the target sequences of each level. After mastering the initial concept you then progressively unlock a number of  additional actions (Mirror, Sort, Etc) to aid in the design of your networks and allows large complex sequences to be altered with ease.

The levels are organised into a main branch, which will uncover more actions as you progress, and sub-branches which contain optional additional levels where you can practice techniques used in the level it branches off from.

There are currently 31 Levels & 4 Actions, however the game is receiving constant updates and more content will be added soon. If you enjoy the game and want to get access to playtest pre-release versions I'd recommend you join the discord server:

Background Music From SabrinaTVBand (Album: Latex Heart) & David KBD (Albums: Code Injection Pack & Pink Bloom Pack)

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